My 8-Bit Computer - WALDO

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        Thisproject began with a book in the library and soon became and obsession. Thelibrary had purchased an excellent book on computer engineering – DigitalComputer Electronics by Malvino, andI decided to read it. I soon realized just how complicated a computer can beand decided to make a mind-map of a simple processor. From the mind-map Idecided to draw out an adder, then an encoder and before I knew it, I had drawnout an entire 8-bit computer in just IC’s.

        This project is still ongoing, and I havemanaged to build the decoder to display the outputs out our calculations.Though this encoder will be replaced by an EEPROM in WALDO, I decided to try myhand at making it using just logic gates.

        My very first computer was born in an ALDOshoebox and my class thought it only right to name the machine, WALDO.

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