Autonomous Football Playing Robots

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I built two autonomous football playingrobots along with my teammates Advay and Nishka for the National and International RobotOlympiads.

In our first attempt in 2015, we rankedthird nationally (Indian Robot Olympiad) and qualified to represent India inDoha, Qatar (World Robot Olympiad).

These competitions were my first exposurenot only to robotics competitions but also to the LEGO EV3 and Mindstormssystems. Though people think these to be childish, I feel that the simplicityof the hardware allows the user to focus on the programming aspect of roboticswithout slaving away cutting a chassis out from wood. Again, the drag and dropprogramming system may seem childish but manage to teach extremely complexalgorithms such as the ones we used to program our robots. The restriction of 4sensors and 4 motors can, at times, seem annoying, but the challenge ofbuilding complex systems with just 4 motors makes the whole experience more funand challenging.

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