Bluetooth RF Home Automation

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            In 2019, the biggest questionpeople ask is, why? In 2019 there is no dearth of home automation solutionsbut, this was made as a proof of concept in 2015 as a solution to a big problemin home automation solutions at the time – Wi-Fi stability.

           Before JioFiber or even any form of fiber infrastructure accessible to the public inIndia, ISP’s had strict control over bandwidth and pricing, meaning that notonly did the Wi-Fi service taper toward the end of the month, but ISP hardwarewould regularly malfunction and Wi-Fi technology was just not stable enough tocontrol any significant devices with.

           Our Bluetooth-RF Home Automationsystem, (BRF), removed Wi-Fi from this loop all together. With newer Bluetoothtechnology coming into phones, along with my brother, I created a central “hub”which connects to a phone through Bluetooth and transmits to a receiver via RF– allowing easy integration with Smartphones and long range – all without usingany Wi-Fi!

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