DIY CNC Machine

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        Thisproject was built in August of 2015. At the time, the cheapest 3D printer costaround Rs. 60,000 ($1000), making 3D printing technology out of reach forenthusiasts like myself. I decided that I wanted to build my own CNC machine.Little did I know that this project would span over 3 years and turn out to beone of my biggest projects.

        To keep the costs minimal, all the wood,aluminum, rails, motors and ball screws were either purchased from a hardwarestore or recycled from e-waste.  The onlything bought for this project was the Arduino Uno and motor controllers makingthe total cost of the project Rs. 1500 ($25).

        The project concluded when I made a 3 axis CNCmachine. Due to the high cost of the extruder I left the project as a 3 axisCNC machine and began working on my own extruder.

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