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I'd always wondered why people loved 3D printers so much. The machines are ridiculously expensive and the prints take forever. Well, I used a 3D printer once and I realised what I was missing out on. The reliability, accuracy and convenience of a 3D printer is just unbeatable.

That's when I decided I wanted to make 3D printers accessible to all, including myself. I built my first RepRap 3D printer for under $150 and in this video I dont show you how to make a RepRap printer. There are more experienced people with better videos on this subject (Links in the video description). Instead, my focus was on how to stay within a budget - to make 3D printers accessible to all.

I have focused on the most efficient sourcing of good quality components. There are some 3D printer-specific components that will have to be bought and I recommend buying good quality components here. However, the bulk of the structure, motors, fans and power elements of the printer can be sourced from E-"Waste", significantly reducing the cost of your build.

All details can be found in the video linked above and in its description!

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