Swarm Robots - My Implementation

‎‎ Inspired by the work of Professor Magnus Egerstedt I decided I wanted to begin one of my most ambitious projects yet - a decentralized robot swarm. After a month of hard work, I created one of the robots in the swarm, ("Robot 1", above) and decided to model the rest in a software simulation.

Taking baby steps, my first attempt was with a camera mounted to the ceiling in my room with each robot having color based orientation trackers on them. This first test was a proof of concept of a centralized robot swarm. With this setup, I was able to establish "Robot 1," as the leader and make it track an object with the simulated robots following it.

At present, the robot uses relays for motor control having no proportional control. An Arduino on-board the robot communicates with my computer running a processing sketch. However, moving toward my goal of a decentralized swarm, the robot has space for a RaspberryPi, which will, hopefully, one day, run "Robot 1."

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