PID Ball Balancer

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        I have always been fascinated by controlalgorithms. I was first exposed to this seemingly simple concept in mypreparations for the Indian Robot Olympiad. We wanted to build a gyrostabilized frame that would stay in place no matter the orientation of therobot. At the time we thought it was going to be an easy linear algorithm.Little did we know, we would be introduced to one of the most fascinatingconcepts of robotics – control algorithms.

        Despite implementing our code for thecompetition, I wanted a proper, in depth understanding of control algorithms –namely the PID algorithm.

        I love to learn things hands-on and so, Ibuilt the ‘PID Ball Balancer.’ This robot is designed to keep a ball balancedon a strip of aluminum. Creating an interesting demonstration for kids, therobot manages to teach a seemingly difficult concept with its practicalapplication.

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